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showing the people of Puerto Lara the Cotton-Eyed Joe

How do I register to go on Brigade? 

Visit the Registration tab for instructions on how to complete and submit an application.

Do I need to know Spanish to go on Brigade?

No! It is not required to know Spanish upon acceptance to the program; however, having a background in Spanish is extremely helpful. Global Brigades provides Spanish materials with common phrases used on Brigade. These materials, among others, can be found under the Brigade Resources tab. 

Where will we be going/staying? 

The 2020 trip will be going to Panama. The compound we will be staying in will not be announced until closer to departure so that we can ensure we're traveling to the best place we can. You can find information on the compound options here. No matter where we stay in-country, we will be flying into Panama City.

What do I pack?

Please reference the packing list under the Brigade Resources tab. Any additional packing is up to individual students. Follow airport guidelines concerning sizes of bottles in carry-ons. Do not bring valuables. 

Who will be going?

About 12 students from WVU will all be traveling together, including the executive board leadership. Once we land in country, we will be escorted and supervised by Global Brigades corporate staff at all times to ensure our safety and efficiency.

What will I be doing on the trip?

For an overview of Brigade activities, visit the Mission tab or visit Global Business Brigades' website. For a detailed look at what Business Brigades do in Panama, click here.

Will I be safe on this trip?

Panama is one of the safest travel destinations in Central America. Brigaders will stay in groups throughout the trip and will be accompanied by Global Brigades staff at all times. Global Brigades provides transportation in-country and security on the compound. WVU travel insurance is included in the cost of the trip. 

Will I get sick?

There is a risk of getting sick, as there is with any travel abroad. It is extremely important to remember to NOT drink tap water or use ice cubes in Panama. Clean, filtered water will be provided for the duration of the trip. Sealed drinks are safe as well. 

What vaccinations do I need?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website lists all vaccines that are required and/recommended for travel to Panama. 

Will I get Zika?

The Zika virus is present in some regions of Panama, however it is only dangerous if an individual is pregnant. Otherwise, Zika presents with only mild symptoms. The CDC's information on the Zika virus can be found here. It is recommended that you bring an anti-mosquito spray with a high DEET percentage. 

Will I need a passport?

Yes, since we will be traveling to a foreign country, a passport is required. All students going on the trip must have a passport that is valid for at least an additional six months at the time of departure. If a student has a passport that is not from the United States, please inform club officers as soon as possible.

How much will the trip cost?

The base program contribution is a donation of $990. The only cost on top of that is the plane ticket. All travelers are encouraged to fundraise both with and apart from the chapter to cover as much of the cost as possible with the help of generous donors.

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