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We strive to pull our weight as a small part of the largest student-led movement for economic development in the world. Volunteers assist in consulting micro-enterprises, assessing loan capacity payments and providing financial literacy workshops to families.

consulting about revenues and expenses with local plantain farmers in Puerto Lara, Panama

Vision for 2019-2020

We want our volunteer work to be grounded in education and thought-provoking discussion. This year, we will have weekly events where we learn about poverty, ethical business, environmental sustainability and more. We also want to walk what we talk locally. This looks like volunteering with small businesses or nonprofits. And, of course, we want to maintain our relationship with the economic development efforts in rural Panama.

Work In Morgantown

  • Sunday evening meetings learning about, discussing and debating relevant topics (topics range from shopping local to environmental responsibility to Panamanian history and culture)

  • Gather and make connections with like-minded people who have a passion for service and empowerment

  • Volunteer opportunities once a month to be involved in the community development of Morgantown and Mon County

  • Fundraise for our work with Global Brigades in our effort to empower rural communities in Panama

Work In Panama

  • Empower rural communities without access to financial services and business guidance 

  • Provide micro-enterprise counseling, financial planning assistance, and strategic investment

  • Conduct client visits, get to know the client, and assess each client’s level of financial competency/entrepreneurial aspirations/business knowledge

  • Provide educational and capacity-building assistance in the form of workshops (topics range from personal finance to basic accounting and business planning to environmental sustainability of agriculture and livestock)