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Officers and Advisors

  • Brian Chang

    Faculty Advisor

    (304) 293-7819

    Brian serves as the faculty liaison for our student-led movement and organization.

    Brian Chang’s Bio

  • Elizabeth Escott


    As the president of Global Business Brigades at WVU, Elizabeth is responsible for being the liaison between the chapter and corporate, leading the majority of meetings throughout the semester, organizing majority of fundraising and volunteer events, and anything else that is not explicitly covered by another executive board member.

    Elizabeth Escott’s Bio

  • Thaiddeus Dillie

    Vice President

    As vice president, Ted is responsible for assisting the president as needed, leading a few meetings throughout the semester, and being an overall ambassador on WVU's campus.

    Thaiddeus Dillie’s Bio

  • Joshua Mirabella

    Secretary / Administrative Chair

    As administrative chair of GBB at WVU, Josh manages the club email account, takes meeting minutes, tracks the progress of task assignments, and leads a few meetings throughout the semester.

    Joshua Mirabella’s Bio

  • Nicole Nelson

    Treasurer / Finance Chair

    Though named treasurer, Nicole works in many aspects of GBB at WVU including running all social media accounts, setting up travel plans with program coordinator, covering generic publicity needs, and leading at least a couple nights throughout the semester.

    Nicole Nelson’s Bio